How to submit your Android App to the Play Store


Learn the process to submit your Android application to the Google Play Store by reading this tutorial.

I assume you already have generated a Signed APK with Android Studio and have paid the $25 fee to register your Google Developer Account and use the Play Console. In case you haven’t done that yet, go here:, make the payment with your credit card and complete your Account details.

So the next step to do is to enter the Google Play Console at and click the CREATE APPLICATION button.

Choose the default language from the list, type your app name and click the CREATE button.

The page you’ll get is the Store Listing one. Here you will set up all basic info about your app. Let’s see what you have to do step by step:

  • Title – The title you’ve previously typed will be shown here, you can still change it
  • Short description – Type a brief description of your application, be cool, type something catchy
  • Full description – Here you have to write all your app’s features and its description.
Store listing page
  • Hi-res icon – Upload your app icon, its size must be 512 x 512px, no transparency, and no rounded corners. Google Play will round up your icon automatically.
  • Screenshots – Upload at least 2 screenshot/device type – font instance, if your app is Universal, upload a few screenshots in the PHONE and TABLET tabs. Images must be JPEG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha). Min length for any side: 320px. Max length for any side: 3840px. You can upload up to 8 screenshots per device type, and drag the uploaded images to reorder or to move between types.
  • Feature graphic – this is mandatory, in case Google staff wants to feature your application, they’ll display that image on the top of the page, so make it look the best you can.
  • Promo graphic – This image is optional, it’s a banner for promo purposes.
  • TV Banner – In case your app is compatible with TV, upload a banner in this box.
  • Daydream 360 degree stereoscopic image – This is optional, anyway, it’s cool. If you’ve got a 360-degree image for your app, upload it in this box.
  • Promo Video – It’s always a good thing in a matter of SEO to record and upload a video preview of your app on YouTube, so if you have it, just paste its URL in this field.
  • Application Type – Select the type of app you’re submitting, which may be either an Application or a Game.
  • Category – Select the category the better fits your app from the dropdown list of this section.
  • Tags – We’ll be back here later, so skip this part for now, as well as for the Content rating section.
  • Website – simply type the URL of your own webpage (it’s always good to have one, so if you haven’t made it yet, just do it).
  • Email – Type your email address
  • Phone – Your phone number – it may be used from Google to call you in case of app’s issues.
  • Privacy Policy – If you have got a webpage that states the privacy policy of your application, paste its link in this field, otherwise you may check the Not submitting a privacy policy URL at this time option.

When you’re done, click the SAVE DRAFT button.

Now you can scroll up to the MANAGE TAGS button and click it. You’ll be redirected to the Tags page, where you can add up to 5 tags. Use the Search field to search for your desired tags and add them to your Store listing.

The Tags page

Select tags wisely since you can use max 5 of them, it’s important for the SEO of your app’s page on the Play Store and Google.

Once you’re done, click the <- back button next to the Tags title to go back to the Store Listing page.

Now you have to upload your Signed APK, so click the App releases link on the left menu.

The App releases page

Click the MANAGE button from the Production section. ON the nest page, click the CREATE RELEASE button.

The Production page

The page you’ll get to is the one where you’ll upload your APK. As the banner’s text recommends, let Google manage and protect your app signing key. It’s the easiest and quickest way to submit your app. Google Play will create and manage the app signing key for your app. Google Play signs each release with this key so Android devices can trust the release is really from you. Learn more

So click the CONTINUE button. (You may also expand the Understand the benefits tab to read what’s involved in this case).

Google manages and products your app signing key

The page will refresh and enable the BROWSE FILES button in the Android App Bundles and APKs to add box. Click that button and upload your signed APK file.

Browse files to upload your APK

Once your APK is uploaded, scroll down and type 1.0 in the Release name field.

Then type something about your release in the What’s new in this release? textarea – if it’s your first submission, just type “First release“, or whatever you want.

When you’re done, click the SAVE button.

The next step to do is to enter the Content rating section from the left menu. Once you’ll get to that page, click the CONTINUE button.

In the Content rating page, type your email address and confirm it, then select the rating questionnaire by the category of your application. Fill the form that will show up and click the SAVE QUESTIONNAIRE button.

Content rating page
The Questionnaire page

After saving your questionnaire, you’ll have to review the rating and click the APPLY RATING button to confirm it.

Enter the Pricing & distribution page (click its link from the left menu). here you will set the following options:

  • Paid or Free application – please note that to publish paid applications, you need to set up a merchant account. Learn more
  • Countries – Select all or only the countries you want your app to be published to.
First part of the Pricing & distribution page
  • Contains ads – Select if your app either contains or doesn’t contain ads
  • Device categories – Leave it as it is since you’re uploading a phone/tablet app
  • User programs – Leave it as it is.
  • Consent – The Content guidelines and US export laws options are mandatory, so check them. Marketing opt-out is optional, anyway leave it as it.
Consent section

When you’re done, click the SAVE DRAFT button.

Now enter the App content section, click its link from the left menu. In that page, click the START button.

App content first page

In the Target age group section, select the right target age for your app, then click NEXT.

Target age page

In the Store presence tab, check the option you wish about unintentionally appeal to children, the click NEXT.

Store present page

In the last page, the Summary page, click the SUBMIT button.

Now you can go back to the App releases section (click its link from the left menu) to complete your submission. Click the EDIT RELEASE button, then scroll down and click the REVIEW button.

You’ll be redirected to the Confirm rollout to production page. If everything is ok for you, click the START ROLLOUT TO PRODUCTION button and you’re finally done, just wait for Google to enable your app on the Play Store.


That’s all for this tutorial, you have learned how to submit an app to the Google Play Store.

Hope you enjoyed this article, feel free to post comments about it. 

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